23 Heartwarming Police Stories to Make You Smile

23 heartwarming stories about police officers

Recent media paints a pretty bleak climate between the public and the police. There is an absorbent amount of stories that newspapers and media outlets put out about police killings, police abuse, and killing of police.

The sad truth is these stories are more outliers than commonality. A majority of policemen and officers support their community and go above and beyond the call of duty.

We have 23 of the most recent examples of heartwarming police stories, so curl up, grab a box of Kleenex, and get ready to feel good.

2) Puppy Rescue

cops rescue puppiesUtah search and rescue officers normally are not called on to rescue animals. As a matter of fact, it is not their job to do so. Even so, when a call came in that a mother and puppies were in need of rescue, the policemen answered the call!

Great Pyrenees puppies rescued near Monte Cristo

3) Kitten Rescue

cops rescue kittensIt sounds far fetched but kittens were soaked in gasoline while in a plastic bag and thrown on the side of the road. Luckily there were witnesses and they called the Phoenix PD. Phoenix police officers were able to rescue the kittens and get them to a shelter where they will survive with minimal side effects.

Phoenix Police officers rescue 2 kittens soaked with gasoline

4) Police Station or Bicycle Repair Shop?

cop fixes bike for kidAn 11-year-old boy was having a serious case of the Mondays. On his way to school, he bent the rim of his bicycle and was unable to ride it anymore. He decided to ask the Darby County Police Department to watch his bicycle at the station while he went to school.

DCPD did more than look over the bicycle: they fixed the rim, got a new wheel for him, and cleaned up the bike. After school, they sent an undercover cruiser to pick him up and bring him to his newly fixed ride.

Cop Fix Boys Bike

5) Cop Saves Two From Fiery Car Wreck

cop saves people from car fireA car struck a tree and emergency units were called to the scene. First on the scene was NYPD’s Officer Wall and he was greeted to a scary realization.

The car was on fire from the inside and there were two people in the car. He was able to get both out safely and all persons were treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Cop saves man, woman from burning car in fiery Oakwood crash

6) A Veteran Who Thought No One Cared Was Saved By Police

cops assist veteranA veteran in the Chicago area stopped receiving his military checks when he moved to his new apartment. Unable to pay for anything and severely sick he was forced to call the only people he knew might help, the police.

Berwyn Police arrived at the Veteran laying in his bathtub sick, without food for days, and demoralized. The BPD stepped up by donating personal items to help but they didn’t stop there, they took to Facebook and the post went viral.

Berwyn Police Step Up To Help Struggling Veteran

7) Cops Deliver A Kitten to Heartbroken Girl

cops donate kitten to girlA kitten and food were donated by a person who wished to be anonymous. That left the task of delivery up to Manchester police.

They brought the kitten to a girl who recently had her family cat pass during the holiday season. The heartwarming act was captured by the parents of the child.

Manchester police deliver donated kitten to girl on Christmas

8) Cop Paying For Shoes So A Homeless Veteran Could Brave the Cold Leads to Millions in Charity

cop donates shoes to homeless veteranDuring a cold night in New York in 2012, police officer Larry DePrimo noticed a homeless man without shoes. After talking with the man and finding out he was a veteran he went to a Sketchers store and bought a pair of boots and socks for the man.

A picture was snapped and it went Viral. Since then DePrimo has set up a homeless foundation that has collected millions for New York City’s homeless.

Photo of encounter between officer and homeless man went viral

9) Cops Deliver Presents To Cadet After Medical Bills Piled Up

cops donate gifts to cadet and his familyLuis Amezcoa, an LAPD cadet, was beaten and left for dead almost a year ago. With extensive surgeries, any extended ICU stay, and minor surgeries during recovery, the mounting medical bills had buried Luis’s family.

Still recovering even after a year of the incident, Luis was surprised by LAPD officers. The LAPD came bearing gifts for Luis and his six siblings, something Luis’s parents were unable to provide because of the medical bills.

LAPD delivers heartwarming Christmas surprise to youth cadet and his 6 siblings

10) Police Up To The Challenge When Mum Goes Into Labor

cops deliver baby on busOn a moving bus, there was no more time — the baby was coming. Three officers got on to the buses and helped perform an emergency delivery. For their efforts, the officers got the honors of cutting the umbilical cord.

Police officers help woman give birth on a moving BUS in Argentina

11) Undercover Elves Deliver Presents To Walmart Shoppers

cops go undercover to give donationsThe Dallas Fortworth police, as part of the initiative Fort Worth PD Blue Elves, parked two different police cars outside of a Dallas Walmart. They asked potential shoppers which detailing on the cars they liked and which set of lights is easier on the eyes.

The survey was a disguise to find out what shoppers wanted for Christmas. They relayed the requests via radio and then surprised shoppers on the way out of Walmart.

Fort Worth police use super sleuth technique to surprise Walmart shoppers with Christmas presents

12) Another Baby Delivery

cops assist with baby deliveryA couple realizing they might not make it to the hospital called emergency services to see if they could escort them and make the trip faster. During the escort, shortly after midnight, it became clear they would not make it and, with the help of the New Hampshire State Police, delivered a healthy baby boy.

NH police help deliver baby on Christmas morning

13) Young Boy Gets Christmas Presents From Cops After Mother Was Murdered

police donate to child whose mother was murderedA four-year-old who recently had his mother murdered was met by a parade of officers from local and state police in Massachusetts.

From tragedy came a story of good feelings; local and state police visited J.J. Clifford, who “loves everything police,” and they showered the young boy with gifts. Among the toys was a bike that J.J. told his Grandparents was all he wanted for Christmas.

Boy, four, is met by police delivering him Christmas gifts after his mother, 26, was murdered

14) Caring and Compassion for Man’s Best Friend

police comforts injured dogA police officer witnessed a dog get hit by a car in the middle of the road. The driver did nothing wrong, it was more of a wrong place wrong time. That didn’t change the fact the dog was hurt and scared.

That is when Sgt. Chris Howlett stepped in, giving the dog his jacket and started comforting the dog. The dog, named Rouge, stayed the night at the vet but was lucky to only suffer minor injuries.

Heartwarming photo shows sergeant comfort scared dog hit by car.

15) Nobody Will Notice These Missing

police dog steals donationsSo this story is a bit different from all the rest, but it makes us smile and, well, that is the whole point of this list, so it’s on the list. Ben, a police therapy dog, was caught red-handed, or should we say red-pawed, stealing toys from the donation’s bin at police HQ.

An adorable video shows Ben taking a dollar carrier slowly then trotting off but not before one quick glance to see if he is being followed. This will just melt most people’s hearts.

Police therapy dog is caught stealing holiday toy donations

16) Boy On Hospice Gets His Wish

child with cancer becomes honorary copJuvell, an 8-year-old boy with cancer on hospice, had only one wish and that was to become a police officer. The good news is the Clayton County Police were able to make that dream come true. Juvell became an honorary officer and even got to go on a ride-along.

 A boy with brain cancer wants to be a police officer. Clayton County Police made it happen.

17) Lemonade Here!

cop helps kids with lemonade standWhen two Australian police officers came across a lemonade stand ran by a 7-year-old and 3-year-old brothers, they decided it was time to help. They took the two boys to a major road with their stand and set up a police breathalyzer and license checks.

Once a person made it through the standard police check they were greeted by Will and Jack serving lemonade with all the proceeds going to the bushfires in Australia. A solid job was done by all the boys and with the police help they were able to raise $380 that they donated to the cause.

Life Police Officers Heartwarming Act To Help Young Boys’ Bushfire Fundraising Lemonade Stand 2 minute read

18) Saving A Life

police help suicidal fatherWhen cops arrived on the scene a man was threatening suicide with a knife in his hand. Instead of worrying about their own safety the two officers talked the man down.

Reminding him there are people who care for him, most notably his son, and the man decided to put the knife down. Instead of arresting the man the two cops worked with paramedics to get him the help he needed.

‘We’re not giving up on you’: Bodycam shows officers’ compassion as man attempts suicide

19) Police Patches For Child Fighting Cancer

police donate patches to sick childMason, a 10-year-old fighter of lymphoproliferative disorder or PTLD, was surprised by the Wilkinson County police department. Mason is an avid collector of police patches and uses the patches to help him through chemo and hospital stays.

Once the police department found out about Mason’s hobby they awarded him with three very rare and cool police patches. Mason’s dad told the media the patches and show of police care has meant everything for Mason who is currently in a rough patch of his fight with cancer.

Georgia child battling cancer gets patches from local police departments

20) A Big Ceremony for Remembrance

child who died of cancer receives huge honor from policeAbigail Arias has been all over the news the past year in Houston. She had been in a battle with cancer and the Houston Police Department had worked with her on multiple occasions to lift Abigail’s spirits.

She soon became the unofficial mascot of the HPD but recently Abigail lost her fight with cancer. The honorary officer Abigail was given a huge ceremony by the HPD and a night full of memories, smiles, and tears were the perfect way to celebrate this little girl’s life.

 Officer Abigail Arias remembered after long battle with cancer: See the heartwarming condolences

21) Rainy Day Turns into Viral Video

cop helps homeless man shaveEvery now and then a picture or video was taken that can go viral for all the right reasons. This was the case when Officer Thomas of the Detroit Police Department saw a homeless man trying to shave in the rain.

Stanly Nelson was given a bag of new toiletries a week ago by a good samaritan. Without running water or a sink Stanley was trying to take advantage of the rain and use a downspout to shave.

When Officer Thomas saw the struggle Stanly was having he went over and helped. Another person watching the situation decided to record the video.

Policeman helps homeless man shave in the rain

22) Traffic Stop Turns Into Shopping Spree

cop buys children car seatsOfficer Jackson pulled over Andrella for a routine traffic stop. Andrella’s plates were expired but as Jackson walked up to the car he noticed two girls in the back seat standing up, smiling, and waving at him.

When he asked Andrella why her children were not in car seats she explained it was all she could afford to get them jackets and shoes for the winter. Instead of writing a ticket Jackson purchased two car seats and installed them in the car.

Andrella posted on Facebook what happened and that post has since gone viral.

Milwaukee police officer buys car seats for mom, kids in viral post

23) Police Officer Protects Little Boy Against Monsters in His Room

cop inspects child's room for monstersSix years hold Hayden recently moved out of his hold house and into his own room (his old house he shared a room with his sister). That might not seem like a big deal but to a six-year-old the mind can run rampant.

Hayden was worried about monsters in the closet and other bad things happening in his dreams and had not slept through the night since the change of bedrooms.

At a loss, his mom took him to the police station as a last resort. Instead of being met with looks of disdain or resentment she was greeted by Officer Schwartz who promptly went to the house with Hayden and did a full inspection.

The inspection left Hayden assured and that night he slept through the night!

Police Officer Makes House Call to Reassure Boy That There Aren’t Monsters Hiding in New Home

We hope these 23 stories brighten your day and remind you that our police force does a lot of good for many people. We would like to thank our officers in blue.

If you have a story you want us to include on the list feel free to leave a comment below, we are constantly updating the list and would love to hear your feel-good stories.

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