7 Point Star Badges for Sale

If you are looking to order a 7 point star badges for yourself or members of your law enforcement team today, trust the 7 point star badges provided by the Irvin H. Hahn team, around since 1898.

We provide 7 point star badges that are created from the toughest, most trusted enamel and we provide a variety of secure fasteners and backings for you to choose from, so your 7 point star badge is always secure and always staying as tough as the work you do.


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Custom 7 Point Star Badges for the Officer in Your Life

The great thing about the 7 point star badges from Irvin H. Hahn is that we allow you to customize each section and part of your 7 point star badges. This means when you order from us you select the color finish, the backing, the fastener type, the font and its color, and the wording you want included, granting you the perfect look you want from the badge you put on every day.

Our company has been in business for over 100 years so we understand exactly what our clients want from their badges, including customization options and materials. Don’t leave something as important as your badge up to chance by ordering from a company that is not reputable or trusted.

Contact our customer service team if you have any questions about our 7 point star badges, or select the product that catches your eye and begin the ordering process today.

We are always here for you and the work you do for our communities. Based in Baltimore, MD, we support police and law enforcement officers both locally and nationally with our 7 point star badges and other products.

Let us show our support by providing Police badges that stand up tough to the wear and tear you experience on a normal day, so you can present your 7 point star badges with shining honor every day, and feel good about the work you do.

That is the Irvin H. Hahn way, so order today and see the difference a dedicated badge-maker can make in the badges you display.

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