10 Popular Variations To Customize Your Firemen Badge Online

These days it is much easier to customize firefighter and police badges online than it’s ever been before. Sites that allow for creating custom badges online are making it easy to determine what a consumer wants or needs on their badge and helps them determine what they can reasonably afford. Sites that offer custom badges online also offer badges for sale that are essentially stock badges that can be customized on-demand or purchased in bulk for various departments.

Many online retailers are available to help with the final, custom design of each fire department or police badge. While many police badges need to conform to department standards, finding accessible police badges online is easy and can be highly affordable.

There are a few things to consider when buying your custom badges online. From cost to design, most sites will seek to accommodate what you’re looking for and will be able to help create the custom fire/police badges you want. Badges for the fire department do tend to differ slightly but can be made to order or in bulk just as easily as police badges. Below are just a few of the top variations of custom badges online that can be selected:

7-Point Star Badge

This particular badge carries the symbol of authority that all police officers are expected to be invested in. The blue field that rests midway between the seven points is a blue field, while the seven points indicate the position under which a person serves.

Security Badge

Stock Badge 4

A security badge can come in various styles that focus on the position, the rank, and the capacity in which a security guard serves. While it might not always be seen as prestigious, the job of a security guard is still important, and the badge that goes with the job should be one that commands respect.

Sheriff Badge


The average sheriff’s badge will be a five to six-pointed star with a space in the middle of the badge to depict one’s city, position, or a graphic of your choosing. Some badges come encircled by a ring, others without, and some come with panels that indicate rank.

Eagle Badge

Stock Badge 2

There are several different variations of this design that can work as a police badge or even be used in other departments, but typically the eagle will rest atop the badge, possibly with a panel just below it denoting rank. The middle field will often depict graphics that will describe the bearer’s duties and city, or other graphics that will perform a similar function.

Fugitive Recovery Badge

These badges will vary in form as well but will often say ‘Fugitive Recovery’ in bold letters on the badge so as to identify the role of the bearer. There are a few different versions that will require another title, but the idea is fairly straightforward.

Maltese Cross Badge


This type of badge is one of the badges used primarily in fire departments, and it is seen as a symbol of protection. What it signifies is that the firefighter wearing it will lay down their lives to protect those they work with and those they’re sworn to serve. In a big way, it is a badge of honor that speaks of courage and runs into the danger, not away from it. There are a few different variations of this badge, but typically the cross design is the most popular.

Oval Badge

The design of this badge is a very basic form, but it can be used as a firefighter or police badge, as well as a public safety badge. While the form of the badge won’t change much, the graphics and overall design are highly dependent on what the individual needs.

Star in Circle Badge


There are various uses for this police badge as well since it can be used for security, US Marshalls, or even as a regular police badge. The logo of a star and circle is known as a pentacle and in the past was used to symbolize protection, harmony, and even eternity and infinity, though such concepts aren’t often attributed to such badges in this day and age. It is still a fairly popular design that has been used extensively throughout the years.

Shield Badge


As each badge has its own distinct meaning, so too does a shield badge design. Since ancient times the image of a shield has been associated with shelter, safety, and protection from injury or trauma. The shield often implies that the person behind it can be trusted and will stand as a barrier between those in need and their aggressors. The design for the shield badge is usually pretty basic without too many huge differences from badge to badge.

Sunburst Badge


The sunburst design can be taken in many ways, and also has many variations that depict a sunburst as the shape of the badge with graphics on top and on the inside that depict the rank, city, or other aspects of one’s position that are desired.

How to Take Care of Your Fire/Police Badges

After selecting the design of your custom police badge you’ll be instructed on how to keep it clean and to maintain the finish to keep it looking professional and to maintain the look and luster that it has been given. Cleaning procedures are simple enough as it only requires warm water, a clean cloth, and non-abrasive soap to keep most badges clean and polished. Take care to not use any type of hard-bristled brush when cleaning your badge, since stiff bristles could wear down the finish and damage the coloring and acrylic.

There is a wide assortment of badges online to choose from, so it’s important to choose carefully and find the one badge that will suit your needs. Custom badges tend to take longer to create and are a bit more expensive, so take into account your budget and when you’ll need it as well.

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