Uniform Accessories, Insignia, Badges, and More!

The Irvin H. Hahn Company has been around since 1898 — that is over 100 years of trusted service providing American badges and police uniforms to our service men and women in federal agencies. We deliver police uniforms, badges, and more both locally and nationally. With our online badge maker and uniform store, excellent quality can be yours, no matter where you live.


When looking to order new police and fire department accessories, trust in the company that has been around locally and nationally for decades. We are here for your police uniforms, police uniform bars, and badges online. It is important to us that our service men and women have the highest quality materials available to them, and that is what we always deliver.


Contact us today to find out why our customer service is only beaten by our products, and live the Irvin H. Hahn way, the best uniform store based in Baltimore, MD.

An American Badge Company That Is All About High Quality

badge with eagle and enamel sealWhen you order from Irvin H. Hahn, you know you are getting the best quality badges online that can be made. We use a cloisonne enameling process that uses colored glass fired at 1500 degrees. This gives you a finished product that lasts for many years under normal wear and tear.


Many other online badge makers may claim to use enamel, but they are really using plastic or soft enamel, which does not have the same qualities as our hard fired enamel. Don’t take a risk with your police uniforms, trust our uniform store in Baltimore, MD for any and all official supplies.


It is important to us that your accessories and police uniforms work just as hard as you do, and live up to the tough test. From cap devices to challenge coins, we have every accessory and uniform you need, all at unbeatable prices and quality.

We Are the Online Badge Makers for Every Service Department

nameplate with enamel sealOur company takes pride in being an online badge maker and uniform store in Baltimore, MD supplying companies across America with commemorative badges, buckles, nameplates, challenge coins and other insignia for emergency responders.


With our extensive product line, we supply to police departments, fire departments, and federal agencies. As an American manufacturer of police uniform bars and more, it is our excellent craftsmanship and extensive experience in the industry that sets us above and beyond the rest of the American badge companies.


We back all of our fasteners and applied panels with a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects under normal wear and tear — we know that we use the best materials there are, so there is no risk in trusting our uniform store in Baltimore, MD.


The products we supply are all expertly forged and all of our attachments and applied panels are hand soldered to our badges and accessories. No other online uniform store can stand up to a test against our products; browse today to see the difference.

American Badges Online that are Simple and Easy to Order

recessed belt clipIrvin H. Hahn provides a simple and easy to use online badge maker and online catalog to help make your ordering efficient and as quick as possible.


Simply build your badge online with custom lettering, fastener, plating finish, and center seal. Once you are happy with how your badge looks, add it to the shopping cart and complete a secure online check out — done!


Just like we know you work hard, efficient, and direct, our team knows you want the same from your online ordering system. Our uniform store in Baltimore, MD provides all of that to you, online and no hassle.


We don’t stop at badges, however, but accessories like belts and whistles, and a variety of awards and insignia. This is the uniform store from Baltimore, MD that is your one-stop-shop for all police uniform needs, guaranteed.


Talk to us today about your options, or let us know about any questions you may have.

Police Uniform Accessories in a Variety of Finishes

belt buckle gold or silverNot only do we provide high-quality badges and police uniform bars, we also provide a variety of plating finishes. Rhodium has the color and shine of silver and has an under layer of nickel for a perfect finish.


We offer gold plating as well that goes directly over raw brass material and has a clear protective layer to stay long-lasting. Hamilton Gold is also an optional finish, that includes a thin layer of nickel for police uniform protection; it is finished off with a layer of gold finish that is bright and clean.


Two-toned finishes are also provided from Irvin H. Hahn’s uniform store in Baltimore, MD. These have rhodium panels and center on a Hamilton Gold badge backing or a Hamilton Gold panel and center on a Rhodium badge backing — the choice is yours for the perfect item for your police uniform.


Additional options include Hanco-G or Hanco-S: both are non-precious metals but Hanco-G is gold in color and Hanco-S boasts a silver color. Each option has metal throughout the badge and is non-plated. The badge is highly polished and coated with a clear protective layer to keep it working just as long as you do. Trust us as your American badge company, because from start to finish our badges represent the authority and respect you deserve.

Locally or Nationally, this is the Uniform Store for You, Based in Baltimore, MD

medals presentation boxUnbeatable products and finishes; custom nameplates and challenge coins; an online badge maker to make your police uniform or fire department uniform pop to life — this is the Irvin H. Hahn way.


It is important to us that you have a product you feel comfortable displaying on your police uniform, federal uniform, or in your office. We would not have been around for over 100 years if we did not supply the best materials for you that keep up with your line of work. From slow days to non-stop effort, we keep you in authority and feeling proud of the work you do.


Trust the uniform store in Baltimore, MD for all online badge needs, and we promise to keep you coming back. Contact us today or begin your order to see the difference a high-quality cap device, insignia, or award can do you and your team’s morale.