Customization Made Simpler with Blackinton Badges!


Whether you wish to celebrate your latest achievement in school or have just been promoted to your dream position at service, nothing will seal your identity as brilliantly as a great badge design! Badges are for all seasons and all reasons – while some are commemorative, others are symbolic.


No matter what they stand for, badges need to reflect both the spirit of your achievement and the characteristics of the organization you are wearing them for. And that is exactly what Blackinton badges are here for! 


At the same time, you also need to be extra careful about the quality of the badge material and make its colors, shape, size, and symbolism. It goes without saying that the price and time frame of preparation is equally important measures to factor in when choosing a customized badge for yourself. So, with these many factors to absorb in, doesn’t badge selection sound like an entirely cumbersome process? To be honest, it isn’t when you have Blackinton custom badges at your service. 



Lots of Variety to Choose From

One of the largest manufacturers of police, fire, security, military, and private sector badges, Blackinton is a leading name in the industry and a top-notch choice for many. Among our other qualities is the sheer variety of design options that we already have available for our customers as templates to build further upon. 


Our exclusive Blackinton badge builder has something for everyone, no matter which industry you belong to. Badges with eagles, 5-, 6- and 7-point stars, Maltese crosses – name it, and we have it. Besides, the Blackinton badge maker also has options of oval badges with applied panels, eagle badges with applied panels, badges without eagles, and badges for specific events and memories, such as 9/11 Anniversary Badges, Cancer Awareness Badges, and Canadian Police Badges, to name a few. 


Outcomes-Based on Your Exact Demands

When it comes to customized badges, the Blackinton badge company has always been known for combining old-world craftsmanship with cutting-edge manufacturing technologies. Both these benefits come alongside the perk of producing outcomes based on your exact wish list, as we try to incorporate every element of the organization’s spirit. 


Blackinton Custom badges are completely American-made, inspired by over 165 years of expertise and insight. This is exactly what powers our talented team at Blackinton to come up with unique custom designs. We are behind some of the best custom badge designs for Law Enforcement, Security, Military, Federal, and Fire Safety organizations alike, not just at local and municipal but also state and county levels. 


A Statement Like No Other 

The best part about Blackinton badge company is that we combine modern-day aesthetics with traditional artistic engravings, thus giving you the best of both worlds – class, and elegance. There are different levels of customization that we offer based on what type of badge design you demand from us. These include Catalog Badges, which are the most budget-friendly option on the list and where you can yourself choose from a broad selection of badge templates. These badges can be personalized easily with a custom center seal of your organization that you can then go ahead with. 


The second option is to go for Semi-Custom Badges, where you again have a few basic templates to choose from. Blackinton badge-makers then create one custom applied panel for the customer and create mid-tier badges using existing dies. These are higher in price compared to catalog badges but are still one of the most affordable options available in the market for your mass needs. 


Lastly, we also have unique custom shape and design options available for those who wish to have a completely customized badge from scratch. Blackinton badge would manufacture new steel die for the purpose, and the process would take longer than readymade design options for sure. But, what you can rest assured of is that this is the best option for you if you are looking for a completely personalized, unique solution. 


Get Your Hands on Your Own Custom Design Option Today! 

Blackinton Badges is the perfect destination to get your customized design options at affordable prices, no matter what your requirements. The Blackinton badge builder can help you choose from the best and widest variety of badge design templates which we can tweak for you based on your unique needs to come up with a singular, unique piece of design excellence. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry and get your own badge design with Blackinton badges today!