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Irvin H. Hahn is your trusted, one-stop-shop badge manufacturer for custom badges. We specialize in custom badges for police departments, fire departments, and federal agencies. We provide the highest quality uniform badges in a variety of finishes and designs so you can have the perfect style for your team, no matter where you work or who you serve.

Our custom law enforcement badges online shop allows you to create custom fire badges online, among many other industries. Browse our online catalog, choose your lettering, finish, design, add to cart, and check out: there is no hassle and no confusion with our custom badges online shop.

A Custom Badge Making Service in Business Over 100 Years

You can trust our custom badges for sale because we’ve been around since 1898. Based in Baltimore, Maryland, we are proud to produce hard-enamel materials with a variety of finishes for long-lasting use against normal wear and tear, unlike other companies who use plastic or soft enamel that break down quicker against tough use.

Baltimore Police Badges

We even have a FAQ that gives guidance on the best way to keep your police badge looking like new, so they remain stronger and brighter for even longer: just clean gently with mild soap and warm water when needed, and use a soft clean cloth to clean it off. Steer clear of abrasive polishes or scrub brushes that damage certain polishes, and you will see the difference in the long-lasting shine.

It is important to our team here at Irvin H. Hahn that you feel confident in the police uniform you wear, so design a custom badge that makes you proud of the work you do and that you feel confident putting on every day. We have uniform badges that make a difference and keep up with the work you do.

Custom Fire Badges

Whether you are in need of a firefighter badge or are seeking general custom badges online, we can give you the materials you need with customer service attention to assist you whenever you have questions.

Custom Badges

Contact us about our custom badges online shop, or begin your order today. Nothing boosts morale in your team quite like law enforcement badges designed with the hard work of our servicemen and women kept in mind.

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