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Shop fire department insignia for your fire station today. Our cut out fire insignia options can be worn on the collar, cap, or epaulet. All cut out fire insignia have the option of silver or gold finishes and sizes may vary across designs. With long-lasting, quality materials, you can count on your cut out fire insignia to be long-lasting and stay vibrant, working as hard as you do to complete your uniform and honor your dedication and rank.

Dimensions: 13/16"D

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Long-Lasting Designs for Your Fire Department Insignia

  • Custom Shapes and Symbols: We offer a wide range of designs, including traditional fire department symbols such as axes, ladders, and helmets to represent your honor, commitment, rank, and sacrifice
  • Three-Dimensional (3D) Options: For added depth and detail, we offer 3D designs that stand out on the uniform, making our cut out fire department insignia a beautiful and respectful addition to your uniform
  • Long-Lasting Materials: Our designs are made from lasting metals that are easy to care for and stand up to every day wear and tear, so you never need to worry about insignia appearance or shine
  • Size Options: Insignias are available in various sizes to accommodate different uniform placements, such as collars, hats, and sleeves
For more information or to start your order, please visit our website or contact our customer service team. At Irvin H. Hahn, we are committed to providing the highest quality cut-out fire department insignia to honor the dedication and service of fire personnel. Order directly from the product page or contact us for more info on customization options and shipping times.

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