Law Enforcement Insignia Badges

Honor  Your Team With Insignia Pins

Insignia is one of the best ways to honor your department or install high morale in your team, and Irvin H. Hahn provides the best law enforcement insignia options no matter what style or product you are searching for.

Browse our insignia collection that includes police uniform insignia, fire department collar insignias, firefighter insignia, police rank insignia, military insignia, stars and wings, fire department rank insignia, insignia badge, plus much more!

Dimensions: 5/8"H x 7/8"W

Best Insignia Badges

 Fire Department, Firefighter, Police Insignia Badges   

Collar letters, stars and wings, service wreaths, and more are all part of the insignia badges we offer, in addition to each branch of law enforcement and miscellaneous selections as well. Here at Irvin H. Hahn, we stand behind the people in our community, providing protective service, so we produce and design only the best insignia badge for you to display.

All of our insignia badges have optional colors and styles to choose from, so you can get the perfect match no matter what your vision is. This provides flexibility and the ideal design to present to your department or agency workers for a job well completed serving their community. Choose to honor your servicemen and women today with Irvin H. Hahn’s collection of insignia badges.

Select from a variety of gold color options, silver color options, and more. Each insignia product is created to hold up against your standard wear and tear, so you can present it with honor for a long time to come without fretting about the shine or design wearing away.

Firefighter insignia badges include standard, cap, two-piece, and epaulet. We try to provide a large selection of each possible insignia option, giving you the flexibility you need to get the product you are searching for.

Contact our customer service team about any questions, or place an order today. Based in Baltimore, MD, we provide our insignia badges both locally and nationally and have been doing so since 1898. We are an American manufacturer of insignia badges, so check out our products and see the difference in our design for yourself.

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