Police Uniform Insignia & Police Rank Insignia Pins

Honor Your Team With Police Rank Insignia Pins

Order collar brass from Irvin H. Hahn to represent your rank in your organization. Select from gold and silver police rank insignia pins in a variety of sizes to complete your law enforcement uniform. Our police rank insignia pins are made with high quality materials to last, shine, and be a proud item you show with honor.

Dimensions: 5/8"H x 7/8"W

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Order Police Rank Label Pins For Your Uniform

As a badge company with 120+ years of product manufacturing and design, we are proud to offer police rank insignia pins to help complete your uniform. Proudly display your officer ranking with a collar brass that is long-lasting and made of durable material. Easy to care for, you can maintain your police rank label pin with ease so it consistently is up to the standard of your law enforcement uniform. Buy with confidence from Irvin H. Hahn badge company and know you are getting quality, every time. Shipping nationwide, based in Baltimore, MD, Irvin H. Hahn is a family-owned company with six generations of dedication and experience.

Police Insignia Pins for Every Rank

Our online store to buy police rank insignia pins offers a variety of designs to honor every rank for your police department. Shop chevron symbols, corporal insignia, sergeant rankings, lieutenant bars, captain insignia, major leaves, and eagles. You can choose from gold and silver finishes to find the match you need to complement your uniform.

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