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We sell marksmanship shooting awards for law enforcement uniforms and more. Based out of Baltimore, MD, we ship nationwide across the United States. Our marksmanship insignia are produced for pistol marksmen, rifle marksmen, general marksmen, and firearm instructors. Upload your custom seal or emblem and choose the rank of your marksmanship shooting award. Select from different fasteners to complete your order. Message us for any custom requests or questions.

Dimensions: 1-7/8"H x 1-7/8"W

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We are proud to offer marksmanship insignia for law enforcement uniforms and more. As a custom badge company, we design custom marksmanship shooting insignia for law enforcement, officers, fire departments, security officials, and more. With an easy online ordering tool to select all of your options and upload your custom seal, you can easily get the perfect shooting award for your department. Wear your insignia with pride to demonstrate your accomplishments, skills, and be a leader for others who are aiming to improve their skills.

The Importance of Marksmanship Insignia for Your Department
Officers wear marksmanship shooter awards to recognize and display their shooting proficiency. These shooting insignia enhance professionalism, operational readiness, and morale, while also fostering a culture of excellence and upholding important traditions. By highlighting officer skills, these awards contribute to the overall effectiveness and credibility of the units and departments, ensuring they are prepared to serve and protect with precision and confidence. Help bolster the morale in your department with long-lasting insignia that is made to withstand everyday wear and tear.

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