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Irvin H. Hahn produces the finest security badges, all made in the USA. We have been in business since 1898, supplying security badges both locally in Baltimore, MD, and nationally. Use our online custom badge maker to customize your security badge to your exact needs and look.

We have seven different styles that all allow for a variety of color finishes, fasteners, fonts, and more. Trust us as your online security badge maker and experience a badge from the highest quality materials.

Dimensions: 2-5/16"H x 1-3/4"W

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People have been ordering from our team for over 100 years because we know what it takes to manufacture a reliable, high-quality security badges. We use hard enamel as our material, not a plastic or soft enamel that is most commonly found in badges.

The selection of fasteners that we offer allows you to also find the firm, holding style that best fits your needs and comfort level. For our team, it is important that your security badges fit seamlessly into your uniform without worrying about it becoming loose or detached over time.

The finishes you can select from for your security badges include gold options and silver color options. Your badge will hold its shine against all normal wear and tear, and is easy to care for with mild soap and warm water whenever it needs a shine boost.

Your security badge displays your position and department, so order from a security badge maker who understands the pride you take in your career. Display your security badge from Irvin H. Hahn with honor and find out the difference that makes in how you feel putting on your uniform each day.

If you have any questions or concerns about our products, reach out to our customer service team. If you know the product you want, our online ordering system is simple and easy to complete.

Begin browsing our online catalog today to find the security badges that best fits your needs, and order today. We promise you will find both form and function in all of our products.

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