Star Badges and Circle Badges for Sale

Represent your department with a star badge that symbolizes your dedication to safety, unity, and order. Irvin Hahn badge company is proud to offer high-quality star badges for police departments, state officials, security positions, and more. Customize your star badge online to honor your department in your vision.


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Custom Star Badges for Sale Online Nationwide

Irvin Hahn badge company is based in Baltimore, MD but provides custom star badges nationwide. We ship to all departments, including police departments, security officials, border patrol, and more. With 120 years of service and six generations of our family passing down proven badge design techniques, we offer unparalleled service for custom badge designs. Order a star and circle badge today to declare your commitment to your station and protecting the community.

Star and Circle Police Badges Designed by You

We offer unique star and circle badges for sale that allow for customization with your vision in mind. Choose from 5 plating finishing options, various lettering choices, and overall designs that create a badge you are proud to display. Backed by our lifetime warranty on all fasteners, we are committed to ensuring quality -- message us for warranty options on normal wear and tear that may be eligible for replacement. And with easy-to-clean and care-for finishes, your badge stays looking like new. Wear your star and circle badge with pride in your department and display your commitment to civic duty.

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