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Custom Lapel Pins Can Be Manufactured for Orders Over 75 pieces

All of the colored enamel in our lapel pins is hard-fired cloisonne enamel which means that all custom logos and seals can be soldered to badges, buckles, collar devices, tie bars, etc.

Order Custom Lapel Pins from Irvin H. Hahn Badge Company

Are you looking for new custom lapel pins for your police force, fire department, security officials, and more? We offer custom lapel pin orders for pieces of 75+. Our design process allows for your custom seal, different lettering options, solid color, and gold or silver finishes for the perfect look to complement your uniform. Talk to us today about your custom order. 

About Irvin H. Hahn Badge Company – A Trusted Reputation Since 1898

We are a family-owned business in Baltimore, MD, where we’ve been crafting badges, buckles, cap devices, collar insignia, and more for over 120 years! Since 1898, six generations have worked to keep our tradition of quality alive. We offer an extensive online catalog and customizable product pages to better serve you for the accessories you need for your uniform.

Our commitment is to provide badges and uniform hardware that meet the highest standards, just like you do every day. Reach out today to work with our outstanding customer service team, get top-notch quality, and all at competitive prices. 


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