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A Few Guidelines for Wearing The Maltese Cross Badge

Many fire department seals can be seen featuring the Maltese Cross on their badge, since there is a very well-defined meaning behind this symbol that relates to their work, and it’s one that many people take very seriously. One of the most important guidelines for wearing the Maltese Cross badge, which will be included below, is to avoid flaunting it or even to be seen possessing it unless you have offered your service to others in a way that makes it clear that you’ve dedicated your life to serving and saving others.


The Symbolism of Law Enforcement Badges and Insignia

When people think of a law enforcement badge, they most often first consider how this is a representation of an officer of the law. A law enforcement badge, along with many other law enforcement insignia, symbolizes someone of authority. From civilians to season officers, it is important to remember that a law enforcement badge does not just symbolize an officer, it holds a measure of respect, accountability, and more for the bearer.

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