Baltimore City Police Department

Baltimore Police Badges For Sale

Irvin H. Hahn is located in Baltimore, MD and has been providing custom police badges since 1898. We are a family-owned company and use high-quality materials on all of our badges to product long-lasting products that have given us our 5-star reputation. Shop from our Baltimore police badges today or contact us for more information or questions about your order. 

Crafting Excellence: Irvin H. Hahn Company in Baltimore

Since 1898, The Irvin H. Hahn Company has been a premier manufacturer of police badges and uniform hardware based in Baltimore, Maryland. With over a century of experience, we have distinguished ourselves by offering expertly designed badges and insignia to servicemen and women in federal agencies. Our dedication to quality has made us one of the most respected uniform hardware providers in the country. We are family-owned and operated with six generations of our family involved in the design, production, and management of the company. 

We offer a wide range of products, including uniform hardware, Blackinton badges, name badges, custom badges, collar brass, collar insignia, rank insignia, nameplates, and more. Our extensive client base spans both local and national markets, and we provide the ease of online ordering from anywhere in the U.S. Federal agencies require absolute precision and quality in their uniforms, badges, and accessories. Our manufacturing team is committed to using only the best materials, ensuring that each piece of equipment meets our rigorous standards. At Irvin H. Hahn, maintaining excellence is our unwavering commitment.

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