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Customizable frames to fit 3/8″ height commendation awards. Please note in the product description that some frames are built for hard enamel awards and others for cloth awards. We sell both hard enamel insignia and cloth bars — customize your uniform exactly the way you need it with our complete badge accessories shop. Contact us for any questions about our service bar holders for law enforcement uniforms.


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Service Bar Holders for Law Enforcement Uniforms

Irvin H. Hahn proudly sells durable service bar holders for law enforcement uniforms. To display your hard enamel insignia or cloth award bars, our bar holders for officers easily and cleanly display your latest rank, award, or achievement. Subtle and dignified, you can put together a uniform that organizes your service bars. Shop cloth service bar holders or hard enamel service bar holders, based on what your uniform uses and complements your department. Contact us for more info.

About Irvin H. Hahn

At Irvin H. Hahn, we take pride in being a premier supplier of uniform accessories and badges, located in Baltimore, MD. For over 120 years, our family-owned and operated business has been dedicated to providing superior badges and insignia to departments nationwide. Our focus on quality products and competitive pricing has earned us a trusted reputation. Our extensive catalog features cloth ribbon bars, insignia, badges, and various badge accessories. We offer custom badge designs, service bar award holders, and more to cater to your department's specific needs. Serving a diverse clientele, we support law enforcement, fire departments, military, border patrol, government officials, and more across the United States.

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